Junkyard Spotter's Guide for Pugeot Wheels


Although they were not imported in great numbers the Pegeot was imported in enough volume that you stand a good chance of getting your hands on a set. Pug rims have their good and bad points like anything else. The good point is that they will bolt right on to a BRAT with no modification and they are the only known brand other than Subaru to do so. The down side is that unless you find them in a junkyard yourself they can cost you a few bills. They also limit you to fairly narrow tires. So if the six lug conversion is not for you then these rims are your only real option outside of ordering a set of 14in white spokes from Scorpion in Austrailia.

Lug nuts used with pug wheels.

8spoke pug alloy.

Black and silver 15 in pug wheel.

Alloy pug rim size believed to be 14in.

Aftermarked 15in marketed to Pugeot owners, US sales unknown.

14 in pug alloy.

14 in pug alloy.

Steel 14 in pug wheel.

Steel 14 in pug wheel with oval slots.

Pug steel wheel differences.

Steel pug 15 in wheels.

Slotless 14 in steel pug wheels.





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