Converting the BRAT hubs from the 4 bolt pattern to a Toyota 6 lug pattern is so easy I am at a loss as to why it never occurred to me. But thanks to the great Hassey of the USMB the idea was crystal clear the first time I heard it. Back when I had my first BRAT nobody that I knew even knew about the Pug rims. As I got ready to build my new BRAT I began to look at wheel options and the Pugs were the first thing I found. They fit, and although they are narrow they are 15 in and some far better than stock tires will fit. But it wasn't exactly what I wanted. Then I saw the pics of Hassey's BRAT and those nice Toyota alloys. I assumed that he had swapped the BRAT body onto a Toyota frame, or had some bizarre and expensive $1000s) machine shop item. Well no stupid, it costs a few bucks and can be done in minuets. The short version is this: Bang out two studs (across from each other) from the hub/ brake drum. The remaining two fit perfectly into two of the holes in Toyota type rim. From there you just drill out the four new holes and bang studs in from the rear. You have 6 lug hubs that will fit any Toyota 6 lug rim. Why you ask? Because there are about a million 15 inch rims with that bolt pattern ranging from mild and basic to wide beadlocks with built in central tire inflation control.


1. Remove hub/drum from the truck, clean it up, and mount it on the rim.

2. Use a punch to mark the center of the hole and give the drill bit a starting point to prevent wander.

3. Drill the hole the same size as the other holes and bang in the studs till they grip.

4. Use a nut to tighten up and pull the stud into place.




  While the above option is easily reversed and you could fit the stock rims again by moving a few studs some folks are just not going to make that mod. Another method that some love and some hate is to follow the above procedure but instead of drilling through the hub you drill two new holes in the rim and convert the Toyota 6 bolt into a 4 bolt. Now one can argue all day about which is better for a number of reasons. While either one is good, I personally fell in with the 6 lug camp.


My final choice in rims was the U.S. Wheels 70 Series because they look a bit like stock BRAT wheels. The price on these is not bad either ranging from 25. to 55. from Summit Racing. The size I chose was 15x10 to accommodate the Super Swamper 30x11.5. But you are free to use just about any Toyota 6 lug rim. A word of advice, backspacing dictates offset and clearance behind the tire. Most Toyota rims are 3.5 in or close backspacing and this combo has worked for Hassey with 31x10.5 and myself with 30x11.5. I would presume other sizes to work as well but remember that the rim width being wider will prevent balooning and help to insure that the tire does not go beyond the rim too far.




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