Yet another project....


 After years of kicking around the idea of building a shifter kart I have finally arrived at that point. A shifter kart FYI is a go kart with a much more powerfull engine than your average kiddy kart with a Briggs and Stratton 5Hp. They often use engines in the 125cc range and have multispeed trannys. Their performance can be staggering, 0-60 in the street bike range and I have seen them make a mockery of autocross courses. Since I won't be competing I don't have to abide by limitations, rules or the like. My plan is to build the kart using a 250cc motorcycle engine with integral 5 spd tranny. I intend to gear it for  massive acceleration and maybe a top speed in the 70Mph range, lower than many shifter kart setups.


   The main point in this project is to use the very rare body from the BRAT go kart that was given away at dealerships in 78 as a promo. I finally located one through Mick Horstman and it is paid for and awaiting pickup. In the mean time I am starting to collect parts for the chassis and powerplant. If anyone has a DEAL on a 250cc  ish bike motor I would like to hear from you.

 The tires and wheels arrived today:  Pic1  Pic2




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